Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reflection Traits of a Good Leader

ABRAHAM LINCOLN just joking lol

Well I think that a good leader will have good communication and they have to have good charisma and good influence. They are responsible and they always keep their promises.

He or she has to have good character like when he or she sees trouble they will go up to to the people doing that bad thing and tell them to do otherwise. They have to also not give up and be resilient in their work. They are usually organized.

That the person is very good in character. That person always keeps his promises. That person is so professional!

Character and attitude they can start by being good listeners and find out what to do at the right times.

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  1. At a Leadership training Toronto course, I've learned that a good leader should possess honesty, humility, open-mind.
    Also, they must be capable of taking the best decisions in order to achieve the company's goals, to keep the team united... to motivate them.