Monday, January 4, 2010

Matthew’s reflection bout the bridge building activity

How I feel about working in a team on the bridge building project...
It is easier in terms of man power as we have more people working to complete the project plus its also more fun as we get to joke around a little bit

What I think about my interactions with the group...
I think that I interacted well with my group members and and we shared the same thinking although there was some objections to the design we chose.
They were open to suggestions and did not mind a comment here or there.

What i have learnt about myself through the activities...
I have learnt that i’m more of a take charge person then a participant its like i could be only a participant if i wanted but i think i prefer to give suggestions rather than just follow blindly.

What i plan to do in the future with reference What i have learnt about myself...
I believe that i could try to be even more open to suggestions.

Did I experience any fears and, discomfort and stuff like that...?

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