Friday, January 8, 2010

Camp Reflection

I enjoyed the camp well it was quite fun most of the time
I think that my class was good too we collaborated well and we worked well together. Our cheers were creative although I think that Kenneth Aisyah were working O.T. and Adam had some problems with Amrit during the Raft building overall the class worked well together.

The traianers were good too like Trainer Syaza Sam and Z.C.

Trainer Syaza:
was very good to us she was also concerned for us like she told us how to get our flag back and told us storys that were interesting plus she understood us. She was also creative she helped us to produce a verse in our cheer. She also scolded us for the right reasons at the right times.

Trainer Sam:
was always there when she was needed to be like she gave us support and was very funny she also helped us with our flag plus she joined in and led us in the cheers.

Trainer ZC:
was funny and cool and helped us with the high elements

Our camp CC RIO:
was too strict when it came to our punctuality like me and Mohit were late for right reasons but he scolded us before asking us why and he said if we need more time we could ask for it but when we did he only would give us less and less time
EG. RIO: 20 min okay? US: No 30 min RIO: 15 min okay? etc.
and that made us fustrated

Also he stole our flags at the most inapropriate times like the trainers ask us to put down our bags and stuff including watches and things in our pockets before climbing the high and low elements we thought that included the flag too as it would be ridiculous to carry the flag and do the element at the same time so plus we could not let the spotter anchor man second belayer etc. carry the flag while doing the elements at the same time plus he stole our flag when we collected our food and since it would be dumb to carry plates of food while carrying the flag we thought that it would be safe under the table but he stole it too This angered us and we had to ***[MAKE HIM HAPPY TO GET IT BACK]*** this was out of question to us as we had already done our best to protect the flag. Whats worse is that he locked it away an a room unaccesibile to us and if we did enter we would be prime suspects in his investigation of something which was only told to us after one of us went in to the room YET AGAIN UNREASONABLE! :(

Overall I would give the camp[5 being very gd and 1 being bad 2 is average]3 above average but not gd yet

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